Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hospital Blues: 2011 FO #7 Blue Jay Boneyard

On the night I broke my leg, I slipped and immediately know something was very wrong.  We immediately called the ambulance and while we were waiting Sam packed a bag for me.  Bless his lovely soul, in addition to my wallet and mobile phone he packed three knitting projects.  One of them was this:

I knitted this entire shawl in the five days after my operation before I was transferred to rehab.  I can remember precisely nothing of the process at all - zilch.  I must have enjoyed it because I did finish it quickly (for me), but I have no memory of it.

The finished shawl then got lost in the move from hospital from hospital and then apartment to apartment, only to be rediscovered a few weeks ago.  I blocked it, and I now have a brand-new scarf in some of my favourite colours that feels likes a present from me to me!

This yarn was originally going to be socks, but when I was knitting them up I got hardcore pooling of the black part of the yarn which obliterated all the other subtle variations of the yarn. The Boneyard pattern really showcases this particular yarn - it’s a perfect marriage between wool and pattern.

Pattern: Boneyard, by Stephen West
Yarn: My favourite - Colinette Jitterbug, colourway Jay
Notes/Modifications: Because I am short, I modified the pattern so there were six increases every two rows instead of four, meaning I ended up with a shorter, wider shawl. I did this by changing the increases at each side of the shawl to YOs and increasing at the start and end of each row, just like Ishbel.

2011 FO #6: Not another Irish Hiking Scarf

Last October,  my mother-in-law requested a grey cabled scarf.  I bought the yarn immediately, full intending to make it for her for Christmas, but well, life got in the way and I only blocked it last week.

This scarf is nothing exciting - it's a simpled cabled scarf made in a soft yarn in a fairly neutral colour.  It's utilitarian, but it's perfect for its purpose and hopefully will be much-loved by its recipient.

Pattern: Palindrome
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca in (I think) grey, one full ball.
Notes/Modifications: Added one extra pattern repeat for a wider scarf.