Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm ba-aa-aack!

I started January with the best of intentions. I wanted to catch up with all the knitting, blogging and photographing I didn't get done last year.  Little did I know I would spend at least half of the month without a computer on which to do any of the blogging, photographing or categorising I wanted to do.

I'm finally back on line and here's a potted summary of what I've been working on:

A baby blanket:

And a Peppermint Lounge Hat for be, because even though it's the middle of summer it's the middle of summer in Melbourne, which means I alternate days of wearing almost nothing at all with days of wearing hats, scarves and woollen socks.  Oh, for the want of a temperate climate a number of hats were born.

Oh, and by the way?

Lucy's not particularly happy about me disturbing her nap.  It's a hard life, being a cat.  It requires a lot of sleeping all of the time.

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  1. Your cat remind's me of one I had year's ago her name was Abby....and she was a mean one, I gave her to my dad,she loved my dad.