Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swim like a smug person, knit like a crazy one. Or is it the other way round?

I like to start my week off by going for a swim. My favourite weekend activities are eating, drinking, watching movies and the football and knitting, so I spend a lot of time sitting on my arse. A Monday swim gets the blood pumping and, because I use a hydrotherapy pool (sorry, a 'wellness' pool) where the water is kept at constant (lovely!) temperature of 34 degrees, when I leave the pool I feel both energised and relaxed. It's a wonderful cure for the Monday blues (also good, wine. I like to use both methods.)

My resolve was tested yesterday though. There was a moment where I was sitting in my car in the pool car park and this was the view from my window and I thought, "What crazy person goes swimming when it is twelve degrees and raining outside? Go home, you insane person!"

But I went and admittedly did feel better for it and (this is important!) both smugly virtuous and mentally prepared to start my week. Mainly smugly virtuous :) I suspect I was a bit insufferable to spend time with yesterday afternoon...

You've got to love Melbourne, though. After yesterday's miserable weather, today was lovely, sunny, clear and bright. A beautiful day for going to the pool. ARGH!

Oh well. I took advantage of the sunlight to take a photo of one of my lingering WIPS - the Endpaper Mitts for my sister.  I am really struggling with finishing them. They're the third pair I've made so the pattern is familiar and boring. The cast on is too tight so as soon as I finish with the stranded knitting I need to frog the cuffs on both gloves and reknit them. I'm doing at least one row a day but at that rate it'll take me another month to get them done. In the meantime, want to knit on anything and everything that is not these mitts! Blah blah whine whine complain complain. I really need to stop whinging and taking photos of them and just sit down for a few hours with a DVD and get them over and done with. As my friend Cara would say, suck it up, princess, and get the job done! 

We'll see how well that plan goes.


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