Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Wednesday: 12 bubbles and counting

In non-knitting WIP news, this is my starter as of 9am today.

Day 5 Starter: 12 Bubbles

Peter Reinhart said it should start bubbling furiously by now. There are a few bubbles but not many, and certainly not enough to make me think this starter is working. I "fed" it to 100% hydration (equal parts starter, water and flour) and transferred it into a jar. Fingers crossed that I get some sort of bubble action tomorrow.

The World Cup socks are zooming along! I am past the gusset and onto the foot now, which is unbelievably fast for me and a pair of men's socks.

It turns out I knit awfully fast when I am trying to avoid watching any soccer. Who knew a sport could have that kind of effect on my fingers?

Now, I'm off for a mid-winter swim. Brrr!!!!!


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