Thursday, August 7, 2014

Victor Hugo at the State Library

Today's post contains no knitting. This is largely because, well, I haven't done any. I have read blogs of people who have written books and completed medical degrees while churning out socks and jumpers; not so for me AT ALL. The second I get a bit busy, my knitting becomes a talisman for warding off stress and a symbol of future blissful free time (and is always, always stockinette).

However, as pointed out by Stanley Kubrick, all work and no play makes Jack completely bonkers (and kind of a boring dinner party guest), so yesterday I left my warm and cosy desk and drove into the State Library to see the Victor Hugo: Les Miserable from page to stage exhibition. The State Library always makes me happy and yesterday was no exception. Not only is it a gorgeous building, the staff are so friendly and always feels like such a vibrant part of the city. Plus, weird things happen to your photos!

I took that from the fourth floor balcony. It looked normal at the time but kind of eerie in the photograph...

Les Mis is not one of my favourite stories - I've actually never seen it in full nor read the book. I still did find the exhibition interesting, though, because of the historical context. Les Mis was a huge influence on the French Revolution and in it Victor Hugo personified the concerns of a nation. It was a time when a novel could actually change real-life events!  (and not just by inspiring people to name their children ridiculous names like "daenyres", which I know is spelt incorrectly but refuse to look up.)

It's pretty fascinating stuff.

Plus they have a bit at the end where you can dress up as a character!

I didn't do it because all of the women's clothes were very complicated and with lots of boning in the uncomfortable-looking corsets, but my friend Christian looked very dashing in his top hat and brocade jacket.

When I got home, Lucy wouldn't talk to me. She sat a metre away from me to make sure I didn't leave again, but refused any other form of interaction.

Stupid cat! It was nice to be home, though :)


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