Thursday, September 4, 2014

Practice makes perfect

I have been blogging long enough to know that I am not a good photographer. I try to be better but not very hard, so my photos are consistently average. However, in preparation for my upcoming trip I thought I'd start to practice a bit more. All images come via Instragram.

Even though my sourdough starter was a massive non-starter (teach me to blog about something without first making sure it was going to succeed!), I decided to continue my DIY plan and I converted some old strawberry containers into mini-greenhouses. This one worked a treat!

From the Caulfied races on Saturday. It was a glorious day, even though I lost $6 on the punt (#lastofthebigspenders, amirite?)

And finally, I had to wear thongs on the freezing and wet first day of spring because my foot got sunburnt on the balmy, sunny last day of winter. Only in Melbourne, really.

My tootsies were so cold!!


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