Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday: The All Blanket All The Time Edition

It has been all blanket all the time over here Chez HereIKnit. Over the weekend I was happily working on my purple fluffy blanket, patting myself on the back for my stick-to-it-ive-ness, when this happened: 

With half of one side to go on the cast off, I ran out of yarn! I was so cross I put the blanket in the naughty corner so it could spend some time thinking about what it has done. Stupid purple fluffy blanket.

With the PFB taking a time out, I have had a glorious guilt-free time working on my sock yarn blanket. I love it so much!

I love using up all the odds and ends of sock yarn that I have had lying around in jars for years (what - jars are great storage containers. No danger of moths, you can see your lovely leftovers all the time and, when you do use them, the wool smells faintly of salsa or pasta sauce). This blanket is a tribute to and memory of all of the socks I have made and loved in the past. I adore it! The only problem is that I don't have enough yarn to finish an entire blanket. To get a decent sized blanket, I need about 300 squares (15x20 rows). Even after I pulled out some baby yarn and cracked open an entire new ball of sock yarn from the stash, I estimate I only have enough wool for about 100 squares. I feel like buying more wool to work on a leftover sock yarn blanket is kind of missing the point, but it probably is the most sensible option. Or, I can work on it until I've used up all of the yarn I have, then leave it on the couch as is, adding a square or two whenever I finish a pair of socks. There's no hurry to make a decision - I have another 70 or so squares to go first :)

In other news, the weather has been very rainy and windy lately, which Lucy absolutely hates. To punish me (because the weather is my fault, of course) she has started lying down in front of my, blocking my path to where I want to go.

This strategy is ineffective because lying down she is about 10cm high, but it's very cute! Never change, Lucy, never change.


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