Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Feliz año nuevo, everyone! (I went to a Mexican restaurant for new year's. It was fun and tequila is delicious.).

I know that echnically yesterday was the first day of the new year, but instead of posting I decided to start the year with a digital detox. There was no email, Instagram, was great! I watched the delightful The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, the incredibly disturbing Super and three episodes of Ladies of London. It was a lovely day!

It seemed appropriate to start 2017 by switching off because 2016 as a year was just on the entire time. I'm not referring here to international events (where would I even start?). 2016 for me personally was a huge year - I finished my master's degree, moved house, got offered a scholarship to do a PhD, started my PhD while still working full time (bad idea! Would not recommend), had a minibreak in Daylesford, went on a driving holiday of Western Australia and, somehow around all of that, still managed to do quite a lot of knitting. 

We visited a berry farm that gives its leftover cream and jam to the local birds. They were all plump but looked very happy.

I knitted a lot of socks. Many many many socks! I made socks for me...

..socks for babies...

 and socks for Christmas presents.

I also made many things for babies, none of them mine.



I discovered Etsy and bought a lot of yarn from Ozifarmer's Market (she does custom colours for no extra cost! I wish I did not know that...) as well as lovely project bags and jewellery.

 If I had to sum up my year, it would be this picture: me, with unbrushed hair working on my computer with knitting next to me while being used as furniture by my cat.

2016 was a good year, but this year I'm ready to work a little bit less hard and relax a little bit more. To give me a push in the right direction, I have signed up to  watch 52 films by women . I am really looking forward to it! I am very pro woman in every aspect of life and I love watching movies, so it's a challenge that is personally aligned with my interests. I also want to make at least three tops for me - two pullovers and a cardigan. I am halfway through a lopayesa, so there are no excuses for me not finishing at least one. I have had a lot of fun on Instagram over the last year, so I'd like to keep working on making nice photographs of my knitting, food and cat. I can see only good things ahead and cannot wait for 2017 to really begin.

Cheers to 2017!


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