Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Last week was my birthday. I know it's a cliche that gets older as each year passes (as do I!) but man, last year just flew by.  As is my wont, I christened the start of a new Belinda-year by gathering my erstwhile companion, heading to Cafe Vue and easing in the transition to the new year with a strong alcoholic beverage (Campari and soda, chilled and delicious).

(On a side note: every time I go to Cafe Vue I love it just a little bit more.  Cafe Vue, I heart you.)

After eating a delicious brunch and getting a nice midmorning buzz on, we headed to one of my favourite Melbourne places: NGV.  I know I've said it a million times, but I think all Melbournians should be proud to live in a city that buys art that is beautiful, remarkable and interesting and then opens the doors to anyone who cares to visit for free, without discrimination.  Yay Melbourne!

Sometimes the art is creepy and strange! What is this thing, and what does it mean? Why is the plastic rabbit so giant?

The gift shop had the CUTEST moulds for cupcakes.  These were out of my budget ($24.95 for two and four respectively), but I will find them somewhere cheaper and they will be mine!  I must serve cupcakes in a cup and in a robot or else my life will not be complete.

It's a really good thing that coolness and style are not prerequisites for entry, because as I left the building I realised that I had been walking around all day wearing both sunglasses and reading glasses at the same time.  Sometimes I am so darn trendy I amaze myself...

To cap off a lovely day*, I arrived home to a surprise package.  Well, half of it wasn't a surprise - the pink yarn is Jitterbug that I bought in a destash before Christmas as a present for myself.  However, the purple yarn was a surprise that Yarnivorous included, and it made my day.  I don't  know what type of wool it is or how many metres there is in the ball, but I know it is very pretty and it will become a scarf for me.

I'm not sure I'm ready to be another year older, but since I don't actually have much of a choice, I hope this year is full of fun, laughter, fulfilling and interesting conversation and lots of yummy wine.

* Honestly, the day was topped of with many hours of eating Malaysian food and drinking much wine and cocktails in a manner suited to people much younger than I am, but in the interest of attempting to appear halfway mature and appropriate for my ever-increasing age, I am going to pretend that particular birthday ritual didn't happen this year.  Although it was very fun, and as always a great way to celebrate my special day.


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