Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

1. Camouflage socks, 2. Sam's Christmas Socks, 3. Frozen Widdershins, 4. Graduating Green Socks, 5. Baktus Kerchief, 6. Selbu Modern, 7. Alpaca Endpaper Mitts, 8. Grainy Gray Scarf, 9. Stripy Baby Socks, 10. Booties, 11. Baby Mitts, 12. Baby Chalice Blanket, 13. Ishbel the Second, 14. Railroad Socks, 15. Saintly Semptember Socks, 16. Mum's Christmas Socks, 17. Baby Booties, 18. Tiger Paws19. Not available20. Not available

I know it's traditional to reflect on the year that has past, you know, when the year actually ends, but today is the first day I have had Internet access at home (not counting the iPhone) for almost four weeks, and I am giddy with excitement.  Hello Internet!  Welcome back!  Never leave again!

So, reflections on 2010.  I was a year of great change for me.  I changed jobs from a relatively well-paying but stressful position with long hours to work for myself from home.  I have less money and (unfortunately)  a less secure income, but I am so much happier and more rested.  I have lost weight and regained the energy to actually do stuff like socialise, clean and cook, not just collapse on the couch as soon as I get home.  It was a hard decision but I am certain that I made the right one.

I also had some knitterly goals.

In 2010 I will:
1. Finish at least 20 knitted objects, and blog about every single one!
2. Knit six pairs of socks.
3. Knit 100 balls of wool.
4. Finish at least one of my blankets currently on the go.
5. Finish at least one of my jumpers currently on the go.
6. Knit at least three things for me, and only me.
7. Lose 8.5kg.

I finished 18 knitted objects, which is not bad.  I did blog about them all. I did knit six pairs of socks, but I only knit 20-ish balls of wool.  It doesn't seem much, but it amounted to 2kg worth of wool - I consider that a lot!  I didn't finish any existing blankets, but I did start and finish a ginormous baby blanket. I knitted many things for me, all of which I wore heaps and improved my quality of life by keeping me warm.  I didn't lose 8.5kg, but I lost 1.7kg, which is not great but better than nothing. Those were the good things.  For the bad things - ,\ I bought 2.65kg of yarn, increasing my total stash size by 650g! And, at the moment the new year flicked over I had 11 projects on the go.  I have since cast on for two more.  So, my resolutions for the follow year are as below.

In 2011, I will:
1. Finish at least 20 knitted objects, and blog about every single one.
2. Decrease stash from 62 (eek!) to 40, by either using the yarn or destashing it.
3. Finish at least two of my blankets on the go.
4. Finish at least one of my jumbers on the go.
5. Knit at least four things for me and only me.
6. Lose 7kg.
7. Decrease total WIPs to no more than five in total.

I'm feeling very positive about the year ahead, and I just can't wait to sink my teeth into it :)


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