Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday 6/8

There's something about the particular insanity that messes with my sense of reason and reasonableness at Christmastime.  I think the sight of all the twinkly Christmas lights and the smell of gingerbread cooking that flicks a little switch in my brain, transforming me from eccentric and a little bit interested in wool to full-blown wackadoo crazy must knit to show how much I love! And, come Christmastime, I love everybody (except for the people who work in every post office I've been to.  Do they train you not to smile?)  Some may state that it's a batshit crazy a little bit silly to start a baby jacket for a baby that's due in four days with 4-ply wool and a pithy set of instructions, especially when there is still 40% of Christmas knitting to be completed.

Some may. Clearly not me.

Knitting completed: 60% of original plan, 49% of revised unrealistically optimistic plan.  Knitting time passed: six of the eight scheduled weeks.  I don't see a problem here at all...

PS: I've done a lot of my shopping online this year and I'd like to recommend T2. Their service was wonderful - my package arrived in a beautifully-wrapped gift box and included a free sample and a bonus $10 gift card.  Shipping was free (for orders over $60, which mine was) and I got a courtesy email checking that everything arrived safely and I was happy with my order.  I unreservedly recommend buying online from T2 and I will definitely shop there again.  Probably before Christmas, if I don't get all of my kntting done...


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