Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An announcement: Dry July

Hello blog readers.  I have an announcement to make...

This may come as a surprise to those of you who were aware of my previous aim to drink All The Wine Everywhere singlehandedly - I have signed up for Dry July. That means no booze for the entire month of July! Even to me it seems like an insane and crazy idea but I think I can do it and, if you'd like, you can show your support by sponsoring me. The money goes to a charity that helps improve the quality of life of adult cancer patients and I have chosen the Royal Melbourne Hospital to be the place where any money raised by me goes. The last time I was sponsored was in the MS Readathon in Year 7 where I raised about $17.62 - yes, it was so long ago that two-cent coins were still part of the currency - so I don't know what a reasonable goal for donations is. I'm hoping to raise $100, which seems doable (some might say a lot more doable than me not having any wine for a month, but I can abstain - you'll see).

The official email is below. Thanks in advance for your help and support :)


PS: Since I'm working on my vices, next month I'm doing No Longer A Crazy Cat Lady August, where I pledge to go the whole month of August without telling a single story about or showing any photos of my cat and all money raised goes to the RSPCA.

PPS: Only joking - No Longer A Crazy Cat Lady August is not a real thing, and we all know there's no way I could go a whole month without a Lucy story! 

I hope you're sitting comfortably because I have some shocking news. I'm about to embark on a feat of endurance that makes a triathlon look like a primary school egg-and-spoon race.
I'm participating in Dry July - the charity that helps adults living with cancer - and have sworn off drinking alcohol for the whole month. That's 31 days where I'll actually be accountable for my actions. Yikes!
In appreciation of my radical transformation, any generous support you may be able to offer will go a long way to ensuring I don't fall off the wagon, as well as helping the many adults that live with this terrible disease.
My profile page link should you wish to make a donation and leave a message of support is:
I hope you believe in the concept as much as I do and can help support me whilst I go Dry this July!!
Thanks in advance for your kind sponsorship,

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  1. LOL.. I so didn't get this "no drinking" seemed dangerous to me (reading it on ravelry). I never made the connection to alcohol ;)