Thursday, December 27, 2012

FO Friday: I Heart U Socks (2012 FO #18)

Today's FO is another old one that I just got around to photographing.  You might remember a few months ago I designed a pair of socks with a message on them for an anniversary present for Sam:

They look really fabulous here. However, I failed to account for the fact that the human calf is a round object rather than a flat one... the message ended up getting a bit lost.

Oh well. The heart looks pretty great so from now on I think I'll just use that and not bother about the letters.

The black yarn is Sirdar Town & Country and I did not enjoy working with it at all. After the smooth and durable Opal I'm used to it felt rough and inconsistent. This was emphasised when I worked with the grey Patonyle and the black yarn in the same row - there's a marked difference in consistency. However, it appears to be wearing well so I think it might be like Moda Vera Noir in that it's horrible to work with but still wears well. I hope!

Rocking the socks Old Man Style!

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  1. This is easily the most romantic pair of socks I've ever seen. I love them :) They look surprisingly manly too! Remembering that it took me six months to knit Rufus' rustic bonnet (and you pulling it back 15-18 times), how long do you think it would take me to make some of these for Joel... ;) Actually I seriously think there would be an Etsy market for these.