Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finish It February: Fix It Edition

Today Finish It February transformed into Fix It Then Finish It February as I pulled out the Herbivore shawl I wanted to finish before the Radiohead concert last November ... yes, I am seriously the worst at meeting deadlines. I had been working on this shawl while drinking wine one night and I dropped four stitches and in my drunk state I couldn't cope with fixing the problem so I stuffed the whole thing into a project bag and put it into a drawer.

Because drunk people are stupid the next day I was convinced I'd made a huge massive mistake that would take hours to fix so I continued to ignore the whole thing for weeks and weeks (months, really) until I looked at this chart and realised I had five measly rows to finish the project and then I would have a beautiful silky shawl to wear and stroke and be generally delighted with. So I gritted my teeth and pulled out the project from its hidey-hole only to discover this:

a mistake so tiny it literally took me 25 seconds to fix. Durrrrr!

In other news

This is what the end of a Bucks Day looks like. 

Someone else has (unsurprisingly) decided to join me for FebFast too!


  1. I've totally done that before, ignored something only to find it was a really easy fix.

    1. I felt like a totally eejit when I realised how little there actually was to fix. Knitters can be silly sometimes :)