Monday, April 8, 2013

Do, and do now

I woke up this morning feeling antsy. I don't know what brought this sudden attack of antsiness on - maybe it's the change of seasons, the change to daylight savings, the social conventions that prohibit regular drinking during the day - but whatever the cause, when I stumbled out of bed earlier today (stumbled being the appropriate word - I am not a morning person), I knew it was imperative that I do, and do quickly.

One of my aims from the start of the year was to reduce my stash from 58 to 29. Efficiency every being the watchword at Chez HereIKnit, I pulled out all of my odds and ends of 5-ply and 8-ply crepe and started another Baby Surprise Jacket.

Random stripes aren't really my thing and I do hate 5-ply crepe yarn, but when the call to create comes, I answer. Sometimes it's very important that you listen to the knitter within.


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