Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"I see you've been crafting today..."

I don't know what was in the air yesterday, even after I had found the yarn and started to knit my Baby Surprise Jacket, my itch to start new projects had not been scratched.

I tipped my yarn tubs out on the bed and rifled through them like a crazy person trying to build a nest out of soft, primarily blue balls of yarn (seriously, my stash is pretty much all blue, grey or blue-toned green. The only balls that aren't in that colour spectrum are gifts. The irony is against the dull-toned background of my regular stash these warm-coloured presents stand out like gems, meaning that I knit with them first and the stash goes back to its standard blue-sludge-like palate. I need to starting buying more orange!).

I finally settled on this project:

The Grantham hat knitted in Schoeller+Stahl Geisha that I bought - wait for it - nine and a half years ago. This yarn is older than Ravelry! I tried and failed to make a hat with earflaps last year, so fingers crossed this one goes better - my ears get so very cold.

When Sam got home he walked into the bedroom, spotted the wool and needles covering just about every surface within five metres of my desk, slowly raised an eyebrow and said, "I see you've been crafting today..."

And, because my gorgeous cat never gives me a side-eye no matter how many balls of wool I unleash on the floor, I turned to her for comfort.

Although, in retrospect, I wish I'd put on a little mascara and brushed my hair. I guess I'm lucky that Lucy never gives me the side-eye for not making myself pretty either :)


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