Friday, August 9, 2013

I heart Saturdays (2013 FO #13 and #14)

I love Saturday morning. I love that there's one day a week that I don't have to set an alarm and that I can choose to do whatever I want all day long. Admittedly I'm self-employed and I work from home so I set my own activities daily but the activities I have the option of are limited to a fairly specific set: work, read for work, study, write, read for study, cook dinner and play with Lucy. On the weekend, I can choose from all the activities!

Today's choice was to go out for a long, lazy breakfast and then take some of my finished knitting out into the almost-spring sunshine and take some long overdue photographs.

The hat is the Grantham hat which is easy, cute and free. The yarn is some Schoeller and Stahl Geisha that I bought at least eight years ago (!!!). If you are going to knit the hat, pick up more stitches for the earflaps than the patter recommends - you can see that the flaps don't sit quite flat in the photograph because they are slightly pouchy.

The mittens were a pattern I made up. It turns out that mittens are basically just the same as socks but with thumbs instead of heels!  (How weird does my big toe look in this shot? Freaky.) I'm sure everyone already knew this except but it is new information to me and I am ridiculously pleased with these handwarmers.

This set is super warm and comfy and will be heading off to KOGO tomorrow. I only wish I'd finished it earlier in the winter but, as my mother says, better late than never. I am very happy to be done with old stash yarn and happy to be doing good at the same time.

I love Saturdays!


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