Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here come's the sun (do-do-do-do!)

After what has felt like month and months of greyness (but in actuality was only about 10 days), today the sun burst out from behind the clouds, bathing my bleak winteresque suburb with springtime glory. After taking a few minutes to identify what had actually happened ("What is this beam falling on my arm that both glows and makes me warm? It seems familiar somehow...") Lucy and I dashed outside as fast as our little legs would take us (I'm only five foot tall. My legs aren't as small as hers but not that much bigger!)

At first Lucy was hesitant to lie in the sun...

..then she just couldn't get enough of it! She lay in the courtyard rotating like a rotisserie chicken for about 45 minutes, ensuring that every part of her fur got an equal amount of sun.

You can see my annual spring plantings in the background. From left to right I have basil, seeds of zucchini, seeds of spring onion, a pot filled with all of the seeds I could find, chilli seedlings and coriander seedlings.

In the very unattractive bit of dirt beneath my washing line I planted basil, an old rosemary bush that is on its last legs and may not make it through the weekend and some more coriander. I don't know where the parsley comes from but it pops up every year in that exact spot, verdant and delicious. Parsley fairy, keep up the good work please (any chance of letting the coriander fairy know where I live? It does not flourish in this space.)

Finally I pruned and fertilised a sad-looking chilli from last year and planted some more basil to keep it company.

Last year was okay in terms of return-for-gardening-effort (I still have a few chillies left! They loved the heat) but I have high hopes for this year. Everyone tells me zucchini's a breeze to grow and, if it does thrive, I will be super chuffed.

Is there anything cuter than a kitty who is so exhausted from lying in the sun that she needs to go and lie in a box in the sun to recover? I don't think so!


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