Friday, October 4, 2013

Lace carnage: no Serenity here.

The weather in Melbourne has been cold, grey and windy. I have just spent four days at a wonderful conference that featured women who can actually write 'feminist scholar' or their resume. I would love to be able to do that! I admit I was a little bit starstruck and, in a conversation where a bunch of academics were talking intelligently about their research, my sole contribution was to compliment one of the leading scholars in my field on her earrings...urgh! But other than that it was great and I feel inspired and part of a community that is working to do good within the academy.
However, conferences are hard work and involve long days and lots and lots of thinking. I should have switched to something in stockinette but babies don't wait until their blanket is done so I kept plugging away at it every night after I got home...

..and of course I made a mistake! I missed a whole bunch of increases and dropped a stitch, so I ended up with a patch of plain knitting where there should be lace. I decided to drop the stitches...

.and knit them back up again with the appropriate holes. Unfortunately, the strands of yarn available were too short to add the two extra stitches per row. 

I reasoned that if I dropped down one whole leaf, that might provide the requisite length.

At first it seemed to be working fine.

But it looked so tight in comparison to the surrounding stitches that I knew I couldn't live with it in the finished blanket.

So I ended up with a pile of lace carnage.
While I knew that friends don't let friends knit lace when drink, I extend that to say that friends don't let friends knit lace before, during or after conferences.
This @*^%$ blanket !!!


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