Saturday, November 23, 2013

A pillow in the sun

Recently, a friend of my moved to Berlin. As I have made clear in the past, I have a deep and abiding love for all German sock wool and so my friend brought me a lovely present with him when returned home for a brief holiday.


"Here," he said, "I brought you some wool from a wool shop in Berlin. Did you know there are whole shops that sell nothing but wool?" Yes, friend, I actually did! 

The wool is gorgeous and soft but I know nothing more about it than that. When I asked what type of wool it was, my friend looked at me like I was a few cards short of a full deck and said very slowly, "Wool wool. You know, from sheep? That wool." So I don't know if the wool is superwash or hand wash only, or even what its actually thickness is. It's very soft, though, so I think it would be a perfect scarf or cowl - maybe a two-colour brioche stitch? 

While I was outside, reading my new book (Save with Jamie, review coming soon) and taking photos of the-type-of-wool-that-comes-from-sheep, my cat was making herself comfortable on the warm bricks. 

But she soon decided that the bricks weren't quite enough warm enough and shifted to a better place that was both in the sunshine and had a nice warm pillow...

..on my foot! She is just too cute for words. Adorable!


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