Monday, November 18, 2013

When bathed in sunshine, life itself is sunny.

Happy Monday! I know that Monday is supposed to be all bleurgh blah blah icky bleurgh but I had an excellent nine hours sleep last night and I feel fabulous so I just can't buy into it today. Plus, I had a very productive weekend and am feeling very smug and pleased with myself right now. I think I must be unbearable to spend time with at the moment, but I'm sure I'll be back to my cranky self tomorrow and growling about silly things again the way I should be behaving.

Firstly, I got a decent start on my Christmas gift socks. This pattern is lovely to knit and the yarn is a delight to knit with, so that was all fun.

Secondly, I finally started the border for my Serenity-ish blanket. It's going to be a long, slow process knitting those seven stitches back and forth but the finishing line is in sight. At last!

I think the bee stitch was a good choice…I guess there's not much I can do about it now. 

And finally, two weeks after I should have (it's been too cold to garden!) I got around to potting my zucchini seedlings. I did a bit of internet research on the best way to transplant zucchinis and it turns out that researching gardening on the internet when you don't know anything about gardening is a completely useless way to learn anything about gardening. There's so much contradictory information out there that I was more confused *after* reading about it than I was before. 

One website said to plant the seedlings together in a hill but, since I have no idea what a "hill" is in the context of gardening as opposed to wide open vistas and landscapes, I smooshed three plants together in the same hole.

Another website said that vine zucchinis should be planted where they can grow on a trellis. I have no idea if I have vine zucchinis and the seed packet provided me with no insight, so I planted another four seedlings against a trellis (and next to a solar light, because, well, I like solar lights. Is there anyone who doesn't like solar lights? They are awesome! All they need is sun and they make my courtyard look amazing. Effect with no effort is my kind of lighting).

In my uneducated view the trellis ones look the happiest so far. I'm not sure if happiness is an appropriate measure for plants but it's been 24 hours and nothing's died yet so I'm going to count this as a win. If everything goes well in 4-6 weeks I'll been able to eat food that I've actually grown myself in my garden like some sort of pioneer or settler. Fingers crossed!

PS: I saw this bag on a Christmas gift guide and I want want want. Christmas is about buying for other people not yourself, though, right? Those Louisa May Alcott and Jane Austen quote pieces of jewellery - gorgeous. 


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