Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A woeful WIP Wednesday

On Monday I did the first part of my annual health check-up. This involves going to the hospital and being prodded, poked, X-rayed and scanned by assorted health professionals.

Like I do every year, I took enough reading material and work to occupy me for at least a week but, like every other year, I ended up knitting on a sock and wondering why hospitals always have such ugly flooring. These are my sister's Christmas socks, which are almost done with six weeks to spare (it's a Christmas miracle! Plus she has very small feet.)

I was very brave when being stuck with needles and I didn't complain at all (except for on Instragram and in this blog post and to every non-hospital person I spoke to that day) so I treated myself to a choc-malt milkshake and a potato cake. Next time I'm getting two potato cakes - days at the hospital really suck (and they're really very delicious).


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