Tuesday, March 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Lazy and cheap edition

Hello my dear neglected blog! How's things been? I am afraid I've been not paying you any attention because: 

1. I've been having fun.

I went up to Queensland to attend a graduation ceremony, which was a different but good experience.

The graduation was at Bond University, which is a tiny university of only about 4,000 students. Each of the universities I've attended has been huge (50,000+), so it was a completely different experience.

The campus was gorgeous - it seemed like a really nice place to study.

2. I've been super busy at work

And of course, being busy at work means lots and lots of stockinette stitch.

It may look sunny in all of these photos but we all know that a) winter follows summer and b) it sometimes takes a while to get a winter scarf knitted, so I have started this year's scarf early. It is inspired by Turnstile but is not Turnstile because as much as I want to support designers I just could not bring myself to pay $6.50 for a pattern that is just a knitted tube grafted together (although the comments on the pattern are all very positive, so maybe I'm just being precious). With this scarf, I have cast on 80 stitches provisionally and am just knitting any colour I feel like for 7.5 inches (it was supposed to be 8 but apparently I am either impatient or can't measure properly). I am using up all of my odds and ends of Patonyle (terrible sock yarn but lovely for scarves) so it's another stashbuster. All in all, a very pleasing way for me to destress after another 10-hour day.

Back soon, I promise!


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