Monday, February 9, 2015

Disappointment: Krap Karbonz Needlez

Last Christmas I bought myself a set of Karbonz sock needles. They look cool and are lovely and light so I put them to use straightaway on a pair of very awesome coloured Opal socks...

..but after turning the heel, I have to admit to myself that I really really hate them and they were a total waste of money. You see, the needles aren't all "karbon" - the tips are brass.

This means that every time the sock yarn passes over the join, it catches - not much, just enough to be annoying. Also, the carbon and the brass have different textures, so while the socks flow super easily over the tips, like they do with my Knitpro nickel ones, they move more slowly on the shaft, like they would on bamboo or casein. Now I'm stuck with these expensive needles that I will a) never use b) never give to anyone else to use and c) have had too long to return to the shop. Grrr!


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