Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Endless Rainbow Scarf

I recently joined the The Summer of the Single Skein KAL. I'm not usually a big KAL person but it really was the incentive I needed to use up the special skeins I've been hoarding for years. I pulled out some Needlefood Merino I've been saving forever and paired it with some neutral Patonyle that's been around for at least six years, thus also contributing to my goal of using up all of 

Through no fault of the pattern, my first attempt looked very not right.

The second one was better...

..and by the end of the night I had a decent amount of the shawl done.

It took a trip to the Korea Rep vs Uzbekistan Asian Cup quarterfinal, where it attracted zero attention from anyone because every single spectator was  completely fixated on the game.

The excitement when a goal was kicked was amazing. Soccer fans are very clearly crazy but it it very fun to be a part of the crowd, especially after a goal was kicked.

I am very tempted to visit a local cricket final this weekend so the scarf has a true representative experience of Australian sport. I think I may be the crazy one for visiting a sport just to take a photo of my knitting! We'll see...


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