Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and 2014 FO #20

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had the kind of New Year's Eve they wanted to have and enjoyed yesterday's public holiday. I managed to stay up until 10 past 12, which is fairly amazing for me, so I am quite chuffed. I was even more chuffed when I reached my FitBit step limit for the first time today, which I choose to take as a sign that this year I will meet all of my set goals and maintain my fitness. 

Of course I will!

New Years Eve was the first chance I've had to wear the final thing I finished last year: my EZ 100th Anniversary Hearts Half-Circle.

It's quite huge and very shawl-like.

But truthfully, the only way I ever wear my shawls is like this...

I think the shadows in this next picture make me look like Jack Skellington but, you know, a lot fatter!

I absolutely loved knitting this shawl. The pattern was clear and easy to follow and lace is always so satisfying when it's blocked out. 

However, there's just not that much call for them in my wardrobe, so I think it will be a while till I make another one. More's the pity :(

Look how happy Lucy was to be part of the photo shoot!

Pattern: EZ 100th Anniversary Hearts Half-circle by Mwaa Knit
Yarn: Paton's Gem 4-ply cotton, approximately 175g
Modifications: None, knit exactly as written


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