Monday, January 26, 2015

Minibreak: Queenscliff

This weekend I took a day trip down to coast to Queensliff. I've never been there before - it's on the other side of the bay to me, so I've always gone to closer destinations. However, it is a lovely little town and well worth the (long) drive.

These are shots of the mouth of Port Phillip bay. The smell and sound of the sea was remarkable!

Getting a bit artsy with a black and white filter.

We got the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento, which was nice but the lift was broken so we were stuck in the (albeit very open) bowels of the ship.

Sorrento was completely spectacular. I had a lovely lunch at The Baths before wandering along the foreshore.

Look at the colour of this sky! 

Unfortunately I had forgotten about poor Lucy's abandonment issues, which are even worse since I got back from the UK and so I have had to deal with this for the last 72 hours.

This post would have been up much sooner if I had had use of my left hand! It was still worth it though - minibreaks are the best.


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