Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday: A Tale of Two Hats

Babies always seem to come in waves. There's never just one person who's pregnant - it's always three or four due within a month of each other. As a knitter who likes to welcome new babies with something special made just for them, this can be very inconvenient (shout out to the friend who told me at brunch today she was trying to get pregnant so I would have lots of time to get her blanket ready. That's a friend who knows what a knitter wants!).

So, Baby 1 is due in about two weeks. It's for a Tier 2 friend (I like them a lot but we are not very close), so that means a hat and booties. First up is another Swirl Hat made in some leftover sock yarn:

It looks a bit narrow! Hopefully it'll stretch enough to fit a newborn.

Unfortunately, despite the very close deadline for the baby stuff, I was able to get my hands on an ARC of Knit Nordic and I could not hold off from casting on for a new grown-up hat.

The 12 centimetres of 1x1 ribbing was brutal but it was worth it when I got to the colourwork.

I'd forgotten how much fun stranded knitting is! I clearly haven't done it for a while, though - my tension is all over the place. Hopefully blocking will fix it.

The knitting of this hat has not only been marred by baby-knitting-related guilt. Yesterday when was heading out to go to the doctor I reached over to grab my project bag and saw this:

A spider having a nap on the handle! Needless to say I ran out of the room without my knitting and locked the door behind me. When I got home two hours later, the spider was gone.

I hope...


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