Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Addicted to Stress

Dear Reader,

The more I blog, the more it becomes clear to me that I am hopelessly addicted to deadlines. The proof is below.

Exhibit 1: WWFY Henslowe

The unusual construction of this shawl makes it an interesting and different knit. Different, yes, but certainly not hard. However, it is kicking my arse - today I had to rip back the lace section for the second time for the exact same reason!  It's due by the end of April and there is no way I'm letting a simple garter-stitch triangle beat me. I'm going to get the lace finished by Friday and the edging done by next weekend.  Shawl, you shall not defeat me!

Exhibit 2: Tofutsies Spring Forwards

Since I needed a portable project, I started these socks last week. They were intended for me, a project with cheery yarn and 'spring' in the title, to remind me that even Melbourne's winter will finish one day and if I just keep pushing on it will be spring again and I will have a handy new pair of antibacterial sleep socks. However, the further I got through the calf I realised that these socks don't belong to me - the fit, colour and style are totally that of my friend Cara.  So, I thought, why not give these to her as a birthday present? Excellent idea! Except that her birthday was last week... I'm seeing her next Friday night and I want to have them finished and blocked by then so the present is at least a tiny bit respectable late.

There - proof that even when  no external deadlines like Christmas exist, I will invent my own to add that extra frisson of stress to the otherwise peaceful process of knitting. I am clearly totally fruit-loops.

Yours sincerely,
A Crazy Person.


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