Sunday, April 15, 2012

Koala Socks Called Sammy

Sam has a Big Number Birthday this year and, because I love him and I love birthdays, that means lots of planning, lots of thoughtful meaningful excellent gifts and, when the big day comes, lots of food, wine and fun. I can't wait!

Obviously he will be getting socks for his birthday, as he does every year. However, this year my plan is to give him the socks on his actual birthday, rather than the standard 1-3 months after his birthday he receives them now (let's not talk about his 2011 Christmas socks, which are still unfinished...). His favourite socks of all time are the Caterpillar Socks I made for him last year, so I knew I had to make him another pair out Opal Rainforest.  A few hours minutes of Internet wool shopping later, I found this and I knew I had the perfect colourway to make the perfect pair of Big Birthday Socks:

It's called Sammy and it features koalas. It reminded me of that time Sam and I were holidaying in Hamilton Island and he wanted to see if he could rock a porn-star moustache.

Clearly he could not, although he gets an A+ for effort.

I ordered the yarn late Monday afternoon, and in what may be the fastest delivery of an online order *ever*, it arrived in my mailbox at 11am Wednesday morning.

Lovely! Now all I need to do is finish my deadline knitting...


I strongly recommend for your Opal and sock yarn needs. Postage within Australia is free and obviously very speedy and there is an extensive range of Opal wool with lots of it on sale or discounted. My transaction was quick, painless and speedy (my favourite type) and I couldn't be happier with my overall experience. Go there! Buy some yarn! Support good independent purveyors of one of my favourite sock yarns.


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