Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Friday and counterintuitive advice about your feet

Today's post is brought to you by Kingston Library's free WiFi because, again, my Internet ran out many days before the month was over. I suspect funny buggers with my home WiFi, but the lovely girl at Optus Technical Support I spoke to today said that Optus are having problems with their usage meters, so she gave me another 500MG of usage to get me through the month. I'm strictly using that data for paid business use only, so for pleasure and study I'm at the library. Fortunately, the library know exactly what a girl needs when she's deep in explorations of silent cinema and female spectatorship - a window to gaze out of. Windows are seriously the best.   

I actually have finished knitting to share (woohoo!) but today is far too wet and dreary to take photos outside and too dark and miserable to take photos inside, so the FOs will have to wait until next week. I've reached the stage of the black socks where, although Ravelry says I've only been working on them for 11 days, it feels like 11 years. I'm dreaming about itty bitty black stitches! I'm taking that pair of socks every where I go and whenever I get a second knitting a few stitches, because even though it feels like my work is being sucked into a black hole of black yarn, I know that there are a finite amount of stitches in a pair of sock and, as long as I keep adding stitches to the sock, they will eventually get done. Hopefully before I take those skinny needles and stab myself. Fingers crossed.

I would like to take the opportunity of the torrential downpour to share with you my No.1 wet-weather tip garnered from many years of living in Melbourne and staying as warm and dry as is humanly possible:

Wear thongs outside when it's raining. I know it seems counterproductive to expose your foot to the elements - don't your toes get cold? Trust me, the slight discomfort you get from chilly footsies is nowhere near the icky and gross feeling of walking around inside with wet and disgusting socks or stockings. Try it once - it will change your life (or at least mean you suffer less when it rains). Now bad hair caused by rain, that I haven't figured out yet.

Happy Friday everyone! Stay warm and dry and have an excellent weekend :)


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