Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome, spring. I heart you.

Spring is my favourite time of year - the days are getting brighter and longer, the weather is warming up and everywhere you look plants are bursting into flower (I live in a very verdant suburb - there are flowers everywhere!). This should be no surprise to long-time readers, because every time September 1 rolls around, I say the exact same thing. Literally. Verbatim. Exact same thing.

However, one thing I didn't realise until I went through my sadly repetitive September posts is that, for some reason, I always buy yarn at this time of year. Why? I don't know. It's my spring imperative, apparently - buds burst in to bloom, lambs are born and frolic, I buy multicoloured sock yarn. It's a mystery.

This year's haul: plain black for Sam's Christmas socks. They will involve colourwork, I'm just not sure exactly what type at this stage.

For my mother and my mother-in-law's Christmas socks, some Mountain Colors Barefoot. This yarn is really soft so hopefully it will produce lovely socks.

And the other thing that September usually presages that is evidenced in what I chose to buy...Christmas knitting! I'm keeping it real this year with no more than five pairs of socks...and a pair of gloves... More on that later. For now, I must join the lambs and frolic in the sun!


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