Thursday, February 27, 2014


This week, I am sad to report that the first signs of winter arrived. For me, the two biggest signals that the cold weather is coming is Lucy waking me up in the middle of the night so she can get under the blanket for extra warmth and me wearing my  my purple fluffy dressing gown and pink fluffy slippers for warmth when working at my desk during the day. A third and less fixed symptom is an overwhelming nostalgia for comforts from my past. This could be a weekend binge-watching Scrubs or Robert Redford movies or an unstoppable craving for my favourite childhood dessert - chocolate self-saucing puddings with a glass of cold milk (yummo!).

This year, it's manifested in an overwhelming desire to revisit what used to be my favourite craft before knitting - cross-stitching.

The design is a Charlotte Alexander beginner pattern. I'd forgotten how addictive cross-stitch can be. It's mesmerising watching the picture slowly emerge, one stitch at a time. Me being me, I bought four patterns so there will be a lot more cross-stitching in my future! Maybe instead of socks I'll give everyone a personalised design for Christmas this year? Babe steps :)

Oh, and I made mini scones too. They were a) delicious and b) the reason I get fatter every winter. I'm like a bear who bulks up for warmth in the colder months and then sheds its blubber when the summer months arrive. C'est la vie grande, n'est-ce pas *gallic shrug*.


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