Sunday, February 16, 2014

Help needed: procrastination central

Happy Monday, y'all (I have recently started dropping "y'all"  in conversation regularly in the hope it catches on. It's so much better than the bogan "youse" I hear all over the place). How was y'all's weekend? (I suspect that's not the correct usage…but I shall charge on regardless).

Mine was okay but in no way exciting. As I mentioned last week, I am in the writing phase of my thesis. In general, I'm a pretty good with words but what I'm discovering now is that I am a far better editor than I am writer. I am also an even better procrastinator than I am editor. For example, this morning I got up early and wrote 50 words. Then I checked the internet…for an hour. Then I revised the 50 words I wrote earlier. Then I went for a swim.  Then I went to the supermarket. Then I had a sandwich. Then I checked the internet again. Then I opened the Word document I was working on this morning, looked at the 50 words I wrote and promptly opened Blogger. Help!!

My current plan is to ban myself from Ravelry for the next week except for updating projects and to re-work the 10,000 words I have written as part of my second chapter into a format that my supervisor will approve of by next Monday. I'm 30% of the way through it and I think I'm on the right track so hopefully if I just stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize I will get there. If I don't, I'm not exactly sure what is going to happen next!

While all of these academic machinations rumble in the background, as always there's wool floating around at the front. I picked the knee-length socks I've been working on last week and I realised that, frankly, I absolutely hated them.

I didn't like how irregular the striping in the Shi Bui looked. I hated my placement of the yellow stripes. I didn't like knitting that sock yarn at the gauge I was using. I'd done the increases too quickly at the top of the calf so the shaping was off and I needed to unravel at least the last five centimetres of each sock to fix them so…I just frogged them.

For last three years these socks have been taking up space on my needles and, in 15 minutes, that was all undone. I bought a pattern I've wanted for ages, Whippoorwill, and when I get my chapter finished and sent to my supervisor I'll cast on immediately. Until then it's stardom, celebrity and classical Hollywood cinema all the way!

(PS: That means four out of the eight socks are gone. I just need to finish two more pairs and I'll be at a level I find acceptable.)


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