Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lockdown Day 5: Stuffed chicken-style cat

Today is Day 5 of my thesis-writing lockdown. It is going both well and poorly. The poorly is because the isolation of only working on my thesis at home by myself is driving me a little bit crazy. That said, I have been able to get a good chunk of work done - I'm between 50-70% finished with the rework of my chapter, which, although not as much as I'd hoped to get done, is pretty good because I think it's solid almost-ready-to-submit quality. I've also done pretty well on my self-imposed Ravelry ban, only popping in a few times to check messages and download a pattern.

A pattern, you say? Yes, although I have committed to getting my socks under control - and I am working on them a bit every single day - it has become unseasonably cold in Melbourne. I am currently wearing woollen socks, gloves, a scarf and hat IN SUMMER. Brrr! Upon raiding my knits drawer, I discovered that I am a bit sick of all of the woollens I have. Conveniently, I own a lot of wool and I like to convert that wool into warming handknitted garments, so I started this brioche hat out of the 'wool from a sheep' wool my friend brought me from Berlin.

I found brioche-in-the-round a lot harder to understand than I thought I would so this picture actually shows my third attempt at this project (obviously spending all of my brain power thinking about stardom and genre theory). I do love the way brioche stitch looks and feels - this is going to be a ridiculously warm accessory! However, I suspect this hat is going to be too big for me but there is no way I'm ripping back again now and I figure even if it doesn't fit me, it'll fit someone. I won't find out for a while, unfortunately - last night it took me a whole episode of Northern Exposure to knit four rows!

Lucy is ridiculously unimpressed with the current cold snap. She has taken to sitting in what I call her stuffed chicken pose in protest. Protesting what to whom is unclear, but the unhappiness about being cold is explicit. Poor little thing :( 


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