Thursday, July 23, 2015

FO Friday #8: Yet Another Pair Of Socks

Every winter I inevitably turn into a human bear, hibernating until the warm weather arrives. This year it has been even worse than normal due to Melbourne having the coldest winter it's had in 20 years and my impending thesis due date. Although winter sucks and I hate it, hibernating usually makes me feel warm and safe, like hot chocolate and cosy murder mysteries set in yarn stores. This year is a bit different - I just feel kind of fat (from being inside so much) and panicked (mainly due to the thesis). Because of my general crankiness and being so out-of-sorts, I've been neglecting all sorts of thing, like posting my FOs and waxing my legs (as you will soon see).

Today, I decided this state of affairs must stop! Not the waxing (I need the extra warmth) but definitely the tracking of FOs. So, I put on my Big Girl Underpants (which are, incidentally, indistinguishable from my everyday knickers, see previous paragraph about winter weight gain), went outside with my iPhone and took some shots.

This is a pair of socks I started last year for my mum for Christmas.

Clearly she did not get them! They are all ready to be wrapped up for this year, though. Can you believe it's July and I already have one Christmas present finished (*cough* five full pairs of socks to go *cough*)

They were knitted toe up, spiralled with leftovers from my Winter Is Coming socks and a ball of blue Patonyle from my stash. I used about 40g of the coloured yarn and just over 50g of the blue.

They are soft, comfy, and hopefully will be appreciated by their recipient. 

And now, photoshoot done and blog post posted, I am changing into my pyjamas, dressing gown and fluffy slippers. Baby steps...


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