Tuesday, July 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Here's a stripe, there's a stripe, everywhere's a stripe

Do you ever get that feeling that a project that you are working on will never be finished? You knit, and knit, and knit, and knit, and the knitting vanishes into a knitting dark hole (shout out to the Yarn Harlot, whose concept I am completely ripping off here). I swear I have been working on this scarf constantly. I have done at least one repeat every day for the last two weeks! But here it is, still unfinished and a long way from being done.

Two weeks ago

I guess it is a little bit longer...

The mitts are done except for the thumb, because I can't decide what colour to go for. I think it'll be a lovely set when (if!) it ever gets finished.

This morning I cast off a pair of Monster socks. They are still being counted as a WIP because, based on past experience, it can takes months for me to get around to weaving in all of the ends! I would like to include them in the charity pack with the scarf, though, so I do have an incentive.

 That's all, really! I am in the midst of the thesis writing-up process and I feel like literally the most boring person on earth. I know that people have got through this because I am related to two PhDs! But how they did it, I'm not sure, because finishing feels really far away for me right now.

Back to the grindstone! I'll try to do at least one fun thing before next Wednesday...


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