Monday, August 27, 2012

Relief and reward

Lately, I've been working really hard. This can most obviously be seen because  my blog posts are shorter and appear more infrequently and contain many more photographs and exclamation marks. I strongly believe that hard effort requires reward and relief - so, if you've put in a 60-hour work week but still have another five documents to finish before you're done but you're totally knackered, it's better to take a night off, watch a Robert Redford movie and have glass of wine than keep pushing yourself to a 65-hour work week - the next day you'll wake up more refreshed and relaxed and not only will you be more productive, your work will actually be of a better quality.

Because I practice what I preach, above is my relief and reward for all of my recent hard work. When I received payment for my most recent job, I ordered myself a book I have been coveting for a long time. Last year I finished a Triinu scarf that apparently I never blogged about (??) which was totally gorgeous but, for whatever reason I never wore. Rather than let it go to waste, when my book arrived yesterday I frogged it, balled it up and, as soon as I finish this never-ending job I am currently on, I am casting on for the socks on the cover. With that to look forward to, I can get this document done.

I'm clearly more a carrot than a stick kind of girl :)


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