Monday, August 20, 2012

The good, the bad and the unexpected

The Good

Due to a laundry crisis (i.e. me not doing any) I ran out of warm pyjamas on the weekend. I grabbed a pair of my summer pyjamas and was delighted to find out this:

They are massively too big (and ridiculously sexy, of course)! They were so big that when I walked, they literally slipped over my arse and fell off. So, I am evidence that a healthy lifestyle (eating well and exercising regularly) result in a fitter, thinner you.  

The bad

Sam hurt his hand on Saturday at football so we spent two hours at the emergency room on Saturday waiting for him to get stitches and a tetanus shot (at no cost - thank you, health care system). He then came down with either the flu or a really bad cold on Sunday so I spent most of the day bringing him tissues and hot lemon drinks. It was a miserable illness-filled weekend.

The unexpected

A while ago I wrote about starting a blanket by knitting a garter stitch square . This is a pretty common practice with blankets and I was not expecting any surprises. I finished it yesterday and here it is (obviously unblocked). Does it look funny to you?

Look a little closer:

When starting this blanket I forgot that I knit much looser when I knit back-and-forth that I do when I knit in the round - like one stitch a centimetre looser. This extra size mushroomed out of my tightly knit blanket like Mt Vesuvius erupting over the poor citizens of Pompeii. It looks very strange!

I'm blocking it now to see if that makes a difference but I suspect that some serious surgery will be required to fix this project.

So, that's my weekend. How was yours?*

* I don't actually expect any comments in response to this (although I'd love to hear about your weekend if you want to tell me about it). The question is a shout-out to JadeLuxe. Rhetorical questions FTW!

1 comment:

  1. Love the mushroom-vulcano look!
    I should have started mine with a diagonal square as well, but found your project too late!

    Oh, and weekend in Germany is fine so far -very cold (around 0 degrees), snow, no sun... Perfect for knitting!