Thursday, January 3, 2013

I think I'm melting (2012 FO#19)

Ever since I read an article recently that said that on hot days cats have a tendency of going into places like sheds where they effectively cook (I am not linking to the article because I don't want anyone else to have the horrible experience of reading it!) I've been super paranoid about Lucy being out on hot days. Today is really stinking hot, so I decided to keep her inside with me all day. Unfortunately, my decision led to this situation:

Me being watched by my cat 100% of all of the time. I cracked after only an hour and let her outside. Now, of course, I feel completely awful and worried but Sam says I'm being silly and he's sure she's completely fine. I hope so :(

Because it's Friday and therefore FO time I'd like to share with you the last of the knitted items I gifted for Christmas only, well (and this is pretty stupid for someone who's been blogging as long as I have...) I gave them away without taking a photo.

I guess I can call it FO-esque Friday? The looked just like this but with a toe.  These were knitted with Regia Atlantis and, like all of the other Regia I've used, the skein was drastically underweight (about 88g instead of the advertised 100g) so the cuffs are only 15cm long instead of my preferred 20g. Other than that, they were my standard 72-stitch man sock.

Hope you are all keeping warm or cool, depending on your hemisphere :)


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