Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yet Another Henslowe (2012 FO# 20)

My final finished object from 2012 was yet another Henslowe shawl.

I've had some BWM Luxury 4-ply sitting in my stash ever since I finished my second Ishbel in October 2010! Eek! (For anyone who clicks through to this link, it was written after St Kilda lost the grand final. I recovered quickly after that post.) But I didn't like the colour and I just couldn't get enthused about starting a project with it.

I know I could have dyed the yarn but I don't enjoy dyeing yarn very much because although it is fun I always (and I mean always) end up tangling the yarn and spending longer untangling it than I do knitting it. But then I had a brainwave! Why not knit the shawl and then dye it? So I did and thus my very first 2103 KOGO scarf is already done.

Henslowe is a very good pattern and Luxury is 100% wool, so I hope whoever receives my scarf enjoys the prettiness and is kept warm by the woolliness.

Lucy says hi. She's got the sniffles at the moment, the poor little monkey, so she's a bit mopey but never one to miss out on a photo opportunity.  

How much does being back at work suck, honestly? I wish I could be on holidays forever...


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