Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday task: doing that one shawl thing

Yesterday was too icy for me to go for my usual Monday swim. Today I felt lazy and sluggish so I braved the cold, drove to the pool and sat for literally fifteen minutes in the car park talking myself into getting out of the car and into the water (I did eventually but seriously - what kind of crazy person goes swimming in the middle of winter? Is health and fitness really worth it?). I think I am officially reaching that point at which winter has been going for so long that the cold has started to attack my motivation to do anything that involves leaving the house. At all.

So, it seems apt that my Tuesday Task for this week is working on something that reminds me of spring. I finished this shawl over two years ago while I was waiting in hospital for my leg operation but I have never woven in the ends and blocked it.

The shawl is Annis from Knitty and was so quick to knit that it didn't even make it onto the blog in WIP form, so I think we can all agree that two years is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for something that will take me an hour tops to finish. Completely ridiculous!

Setting myself a Tuesday Task is working really well for me. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the stuff I need to do so, when I saw the Billfold's day for doing that one thing - you know, the one thing you keep putting off and off and off but then you do it and it doesn't take hardly any time at all and you feel immediately better - I realised it's a perfect strategy for me and my knitting. I'm getting stuff done, one thing at time :)


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