Monday, July 15, 2013

Tuesday Task: Time to get things done!

It's funny how finally doing one thing can provide an amazing impetus to get more things done. I loved the feeling of finishing the mitts and crossing them off my list of things to do and since it felt so damn good to get that thing done, I'm going to try and make it a regular thing and set myself a weekly Tuesday task of finally doing that unfinished thing that's been hanging around not getting done. To start with, I figured I'd start with something big that's been hanging around for a really really long time...the never-ever-finished big blue jumper.

Look at that - it's almost done! All I have to do is knit the sleeve caps and the button band, seam the whole thing up and I have a finished cardigan. It's absolutely bloody ridiculous it has been hanging around for so long!! Therefore my very first Tuesday task is simply to knit the sleeve caps. That's all. It will not be hard and shouldn't take longer than an hour but I'm already feeling pretty darn good that by this time next week, the sleeve caps will be done.


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