Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas WIP Wednesday 1/8 plus 2011 FOs#12-14

I was returning from my daily (well...almost daily) walk earlier when I noticed this in my garden:

Seriously, how pretty!  My garden is inherited from the previous resident, so these little surprises keep popping up as we head towards summer.  Unfortunately, it is also completely unmaintained by me, so this will probably be the last year this happens, as I imagine next year it will be replaced by a nice easy-to-look-after lawn.

I don't know what this says about me, but my second thought after 'Oh, pretty!' was 'Photograph knitting in garden'.  You see, I made a very public statement about the Christmas knitting I want to get done this year and I just realised that there are less than two months left before Christmas (!!).  In fact, this is the first of only EIGHT WIP WEDNESDAYS LEFT (!!!!).  So, like Stephen Fry with his twitter diet, I thought that if I recorded my progress, then I would have an impetus to, you know, actually make progress.  Therefore, here's my new knitting since last week, the first 30-ish% of my sister's Daybreak.  It's travelling along swimmingly, and I see no reason why I shouldn't have it finished and blocked for next week.  I might even have enough yarn left over from the scarf for a matching pair of fingerless gloves.  Which leads me to my next paragraph... 
My lovely friend Christian gave me a single hank of Koigu KPPM he bought while on a trip to the US.  There's not much you can do with only one skein of KPPM, but I scoured Ravelry and found Mitt Envy by Weezalana.  And voila, in approximately two minutes flat I had a pair of fingerless mitts that fit like a glove (ha ha, I'm so very funny) and used only 35g of the skein:

Not a bad segue, right?  But where is my index finger? Anyhoo, the knitting and wearing occurred while I was in hospital (it was very cold in my ward), and the lovely woman who lived opposite me asked me if I'd make her a pair.  She was a complete sweetheart and also very cold, so I got Sam to bring in some of the stash and I knitted her up a pair out of the useless-for-socks-but-great-for-mitts-and-shawls sock yarn Patonyle that has been in the stash for at least four years.

And then my friend Cara, who was a truly excellent friend for me in hospital, bringing me lots of food and good coffee and useful things like lip balm and facewash saw the stash yarn that wasn't chosen and the finished mitts and asked for a pair also.  So, wham bam thank you ma'am I knocked her up a pair also in Cleckheaton Merino Bambino that has been in the stash for two and a half years:

Okay, so that's the palm of my mitts, but I stupidly gifted the mitts without photographing them but I still want to count them on my 2011 FO list, so just imagine they look exactly like this but are white, purple and yellow. Very pretty.

I made a few mods - I lengthened the bottom ribbing by 24 rows and the top ribbing by 16 rows.  I omitted the cable because, well, I hate doing cables.  These mitts fit perfectly, they're warm, I got to use up pretty new yarn and pretty stash yarn and these mitts gave me the opportunity to share the love with those who have been lovely to me.  Win win all round.

Seven WIP Wednesday's to go...let the Christmas knitting continue!


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