Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Luxe Boneyard: 2010 FO#15

Today I present you with a truly beautiful shawl photographed in a truly awful way:

It's another Boneyard, knitted out of yarn left over from my Abyssal and the yet-to-be-blocked-and-blogged Annis and a lone ball of alpaca from the stash.

This shawl is everything that's good about knitting.  The yarn it is made of is incredibly soft and gorgeous, and created a perfectly draping gorgeous scarf that's more a work of art than a practical object to wear.  I would never be able to afford a scarf made from these materials, especially not in a combination of colours that look gorgeous and that I totally adore.  I heart this scarf!

Pity about the crap photography, though.

This scarf is my fifth blocked and blocked this year.  I aimed to finish 11, and I'm not even halfway there yet!  Oh well, even if I don't make it to the the destination I have definitely enjoyed the journey.


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