Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For Sure: Christmas WIP Wednesday 3/8

The Christmas knitting continues.  Last week I needed a travel project and the blue-stripe Opal socks were at the non-portable heel stage, so I started one of the other projects that need to be completed.  They're socks for my friend S out of Cascade Heritage Handpaints.  I think the colour is gorgeous - like the sea, but not like the actual sea (which is often not that interesting), but like how the sea is represented in Disney movies that involve mermaids and girls with really big eyes and itty bitty waists.  It was going swimmingly (see what I did there?) until I stupidly dropped one of the DPNs and lost it.  The sock is stalled until I go to my favourite wool shop and by another set, which doesn't sound hard but I do not want to go to that shop on my own because I know if I do, I'll end up buying more stuff! So I'm waiting until a) my resolve is stronger or b) I have no choice due to the need to give the sock to its recipient. 

I've also been working on the socks.  Why yes, there are two socks there.  That's because last week's splurge made me think I was a superquick master-knitter (consumption = ability), and I decided that for sure I can knock out an extra two pairs of socks before Christmas.  For sure! So I started on one of them.  It's the damn wool fumes - they get to me every time!

My Christmas spreadsheet says:
Percentage complete without two extra pairs: 41%
Percentage complete with two extra pairs: 31%

I can do it.  For sure.


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