Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Stockinette Socks All The Time: Christmas Wednesday WIPday 4/8

It's time for the weekly Christmas knitting update and really, it looks pretty much like last week.  The mens' socks were going well until Lucy got a bit antsy and pulled out the needle from the almost-finished heel flap:

Look at Herself here, all innocence.  "Who me?", she says.

Yes you, naughty kitty!

I finally bought the needles I needed yesterday, so I was able to turn the heel on Sock #1 for Friend S. I also completed the miraculous rare occurrence of going into a wool shop and buying only what I needed to get.  Amazing!

After I took the first bunch of photos it was too nice to go inside, so I picked up the live stitches and finished turning the heel on the Boring Brown Sock:

Turning a heel flap-and-gusset style while magic looping is a massive PITA and I wouldn't recommend it, but to get our Christmas knitting finished, sometimes we need to do things we don't want to do.

My handy spreadsheet tells me I am 48% finished if I stick to Plan Original and 39% finished if I aim for Plan CrazyPants with the two additional pairs of socks.  Not too bad, but not great after.  I have a quiet weekend coming up, so I hope for great things next Wednesday.  Wish me luck!


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