Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WIP Wednesday: 2/8

This week I thought for certain I'd have at least one thing more thing completed than I did last week, even if it was only one sock.  But the weekend was hot and I was feeling a bit alround blah, so I got nothing done knittingwise.  Instead, here is my experience of my first afterthought heel.

Step 1: Take a photo with my useless camera which washes out all colours. Realise that the washing-out of the picture means that the bit of the sock you want to illustrate is invisible.  Use iPhoto to 'enhance' the picture. Wince at how garish the photo is.  Dream of getting a new camera.

Step 2: Try to take a photo that shows the process of removing the knitted-in wool.  Try taking photos with your left hand. Swear at your useless left hand which apparently cannot operate a camera independentally. Try using the timer function while holding the camera in your left hand.  Sigh at the result and dream of a new camera with a little tripod.

Step 3. Take a photo with your right hand.  Realise that it is no better at taking photos.  Blame the terrible camera.

Step 3: Admire the freakish site sight of an 'opened' sock. Review post, go back and correct spelling of sight, noting that one's profession as an editor can be called into question if errors like that are made public.

It looks a bit like it wants to eat me! Attack of the killer sock! (okay, I'll stop now)

Step 4: Pick up the live stitches.  I'm doing the sock heel magic-loop style because all of my 2.25mm needles are being used by the other four socks I have going at the moment.  Is it wrong that tomorrow I am going to buy more? Because I think it's normal to have six socks on the go, especially when four of them are hidden so Sam can't see them and tease me about it.

At this point my erstwhile companion popped up to help me by leaning against my legs...

..but found that my legs weren't enough support after being overcome from the effort of walking the six metres from the back door to the bench, and needed a lie-down. (Yes, I am wearing a nightie. What can I say - I live to be comfortable, and what is more comfortable than sleepwear? Thank god no-one came to the door.)

I then knit the sock as I would a toe.  I'm not sure how may stitches to decrease down to, so I need Sam to try it on before I can graft the heel closed.

There are massive holes at either end of the heel which will need to be sewn shut.  Other than that, it's looking pretty good so far. I'm very happy with how the stripes look (Opal, how I love thee and thee's gorgeous striping sock yarn).  Afterthought heel = success. Progress on Christmas knitting, not so much.

If anyone ever needs proof why I should never have a day off: I entered all of the Christmas present knitting information into an Excel spreadsheet and have discovered that I have approximately 35% of my Christmas knitting done.  Ironically, if I'd, you know, actually knitted on stuff instead of typing about it, that percentage would be higher.  I just can't be trusted with computer, an Internet connection and a whole bunch of office software :(


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