Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boring Brown Christmas Socks At Last! (2012 FO# 5)

Ta-da!  Look, I finished some socks!  Why yes, these are the socks I started November last year as a Christmas gift. They're not even a full five months late - they're virtually early, and everyone knows early gifts suck because, while it seems like opening presents right when you get them is a good idea at the time, opening a present early means that there will be an empty hole* the exact shape of that present on your actual special day.

The yarn is Regia Medina Colour in colourway 04265. I  knew after the heel of the second sock that there was no way I've have enough yarn to finish the socks so I used the leftovers from the Camouflage Socks I made last year in a two-row stripe pattern to the toe. I know it looks kind of jarring in the photograph but the two colourways actually blend really well.

The Regia was fine but I wouldn't buy it again - it reminds me a lot of Patonyle in that's its very soft and nice to knit with but doesn't seem like it will wear very well. That said, the socks were very well-appreciated by their recipient

They are the same size! He just didn't pull them up all the way and I didn't notice till I was uploading the photos to my computer.

And another thing...

Before I go, I'd like to share with you my To Do list for today:

To Do - Wednesday 23 May
1. Write 1,000 words

Now I'd like to share my Have Done list for today:

Have Done - Wednesday 23 May
1. Gone to the shops to buy bottle of wine so I can celebrate with a glass once I've written 1,000 words.
2. Gone for a quick walk down the street because exercise focuses the mind and will help me write.
3. Go to supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner tonight. While out, visit to the Italian butcher to buy sausages for dinner on Friday. To conserve petrol, also visit fishmonger and buy Atlantic salmon (it was on sale for $22 a kilo! You'd have bought some too).
4. Blog.
5. Update Ravelry projects to reflect my current FO status.
6. Read The Hairpin and The Billfold.
7. Check what new books my library has in. Reserve Favorite Socks, which they bought at my suggestion (Yay for Kingston Library! You and your book-buying practices rock).

HELP ME! I need to do work but I just cannot get the words from my brain to the page. ARGH!!

On the plus side, I'm glad I've got dinner sorted for the rest of the week.

* Is this a truism or tautology? By definition a hole is empty, right? If I was being paid to write this I'd check, but I'm not so I'm noting my reservations here in case any future clients use my blog to showcase my editing/writing skills.


  1. Nice socks, but why is he standing on the coffee table to model them...?

  2. When you make boring stockinette socks all the time there's not many ways to make them look different... Plus we'd had a few glasses of wine and everything seems like a good idea after a few glasses of wine.

    I think a better question might be since I was going to take photos on my coffee table, why didn't I wipe it down first? Housekeeping for the win.