Thursday, May 3, 2012

FO Friday: Little Pretty Pinky Bookmark (2012 FO#3)

One of the things I like most about being bi-craftual is having the skills and ability to make something that's suitable for almost any situation. A friend getting married? Knit her a shawl. Someone you love having a baby? How about some itty bitt shoes and mittens, or a warm, soft and cuddly blanket. A birthday for a second-tier friend? Buy them a book (Seriously. Handmade gifts are time consuming, often made from expensive materials and, in addition to the physical created object, are a gift of the time, thought and love of the creator. Don't waste those special things on someone who is not super special to you.)

Need to send an overseas friend an 'I'm thinking of you' birthday gift? A cute pretty pinky bookmark does the trick:

The pattern is Crochetroo's eternally popular fan bookmark with some unintended modifications. Because I am too lazy to take the four seconds it takes to google the pattern so I made it largely from memory, I forgot to attach the fans properly so they kind of flap around a bit.  I figure for a bookmark that shouldn't really matter - it'll be squashed by the pages anyway! The yarn is Twilleys of Stanford Twenty (colour way R6) which feels like plastic, so should be perfect for the functionality of this gift.

I'm pretty happy with this effort and (as an extra bonus) there's no extra postage cost for including this with my card. Win win win.


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